【Educational depth, breadth, and support】

Just as the Tokyo Olympics to be held in 2020 are approaching, a major change in the world of education is also coming: the university entrance examination system reforms. These reforms are based on the "new perspective on academic ability" and the "development of global human resources." Both of these pillars need specialization backed by a foundation of academic ability, along with a depth of education. We must keep this in mind while developing our daily classes and school events.

Fifty minute classes, thirty-three hour weeks (five days a week)

Normal junior high school classes will last fifty minutes, with thirty-two hours of classes per week (plus Taki Time). High school classes will also last fifty minutes, with thirty-three hours of classes per week. This class time will be dedicated to the attainment of educational "depth" and "breadth."

Special classes

During long school breaks, special morning lessons with mandatory attendance will be held. These special classes, along with normal classes, will ensure that a sufficient amount of classroom time is provided. The schedules for these classes are as follows:
Summer break………Junior high school 9 days (held at the end of August)
High School (two sessions, one from the end of July to the beginning of August, and one at the end of August)

First year students Junior high school students from Taki Academy – 12 days, Junior high school students from other schools – 18 days

Second year students 12 days 

Third year students 18 days

Winter Break………All junior high and high school students – 4 days

Spring break……… Designated junior high school students only – 4 days of follow-up classes

First and second year high school students – 4 days

Saturday Courses

Around 7-8 times a year, three special sixty minute classes are held. These classes are divided into 2 categories, "academic courses" and "cultural courses" and are held for different purposes than normal classes. These will bring the total number of classes per year to about 550 classes. Moreover, special Saturday lessons with mandatory attendance will be held for first year high school students coming from other junior high schools.

>>Saturday Courses

Club Activities

At Taki Academy, all first year junior high and high school students must sign up for a club. Club activities develop students' physical and mental capabilities, as well as teaching them to work together. This broadens their potential as human beings.

Cultural performances, sports tournaments, the Nagatsuki Festival

Every September at our academy, cultural performances and sports tournaments are held at the junior high school and the Nagatsuki Festival (a culture and sports festival) is held at the high school. While the names of these junior high and high school events differ, the events themselves are held together over the same two days. The preparation as well as the running of the events are carried out independently by the students themselves, which helps them develop creativity, planning skills, and teaches them the importance of cooperation.

School counselor and counseling office

An expert school counselor (a clinical psychologist) is available to help students through the difficulties and confusion of adolescence. The counselor visits the academy two to four times a month for counseling sessions with students and parents. In addition, we have a counseling office where special needs teachers and education counselors are always present to quickly address any educational or psychological difficulties the students may be facing.