Along with the "globalization" of society, the "education of global human resources" has become a very widespread theme in the educational world.

"Global human resources" does not simply mean one can speak English or has experience living abroad.

Taki Academy sees people who can be classified as global human resources as having the following qualities, and aims to foster these qualities with a "new academic perspective" based education:

  • People who are curious about the world and the unknown, and also possess the courage and inclination to dive into new situations to satisfy this curiosity.
  • People with the resolve to persevere in the face of difficulties until a problem is solved.
  • People who can communicate their own ideas and listen to others with their hearts in order to work with them, and who have the language ability (Japanese and English) necessary to do this.

Furthermore, we believe the society we are in isn't so much a "global society" as it is a "borderless society," a society in which one must seek out interaction with people from other countries, even while here in Japan. We wish to instill in our students the training and ability to thrive in this "borderless society."

There are many places with training programs designed to respond to a "borderless society." We have provided the following programs to give our students greater opportunities for contact with people from other countries.

Canadian program

Our faculty has selected schools in other countries and set up our own customized program to allow students to engage in international exchange. As a first step into the outside world, our students are individually matched with other students (buddies) of similar ages with whom they can experience the delight of using the English they have been studying in real situations, i.e. outside the classroom. Our program's purpose is to allow our students to learn about grassroots-level multiculturalism, the environment, and society through various activities with their individually paired buddies.

Through this program, our students have the opportunity to build friendships that can last a lifetime.

* 20 third-year junior high school students selected from applicants; eight-day program begins after graduation; participants bear full financial responsibility.

American program

Our program is set up to stimulate thought in our students by observing the world's top level people and to provide our students with a global perspective of the future. We feel that attending lectures at universities like Harvard and MIT, and interacting with the students at those universities, presents a valuable opportunity for our students to begin considering their futures.

Our program includes the English training needed to learn the ideas and skills required to become active in a global society.

* up to 40 first-year high school students selected from applicants; ten-day program takes place during summer break; participants bear full financial responsibility.

British Program

There is an exchange program held in London in which Japanese high school students from all over Japan participate for the primary purpose of meeting and exchanging ideas with local students. There are many significant events such as lectures given by the faculty members of the University College of London, forums held with internationally active Japanese nationals (including Taki Academy graduates), and London municipal training workshops.

Through this program, we hope that our students will be able to examine both Japan and themselves from a new perspective. Our students in London are greatly supported both by the alumni who donate to this program financially and by those who work with the students directly.

* 5 second-year high school students selected from applicants; ten-day program takes place during summer break; participants must pay 100,000 yen (alumni and the alumni association cover any additional costs).

We participate in the UCL-Japan Young Challenge.(See for more details.)