Here at Taki Academy, our mission is to conscientiously provide the highest standard of education, and to assist each and every student attending this school to realize his or her dreams. The Academy prides itself on putting everything into the education of its students, and on the trust and respect that binds the faculty together as a family. The proud spirit of the Academy is the spirit of progress, not held back by fixed ideas. Based on this educational philosophy, we respond to the educational expectations (advancement, education, sports) of each student prior to their enrollment at the Academy. We also strive to be a school that brings out the desires of students after enrollment (dreams of advancing to a particular university) and provides additional results after graduation (a level of happiness and pride in his/her academic success that surprises even the student).

Taki Academy, Incorporated School Board Chairman Tomio Taki, Ph.D.
Taki Junior High/Taki High School Principal Masahiko Nakashima