The school's founder, Nobushiro Taki, was born in 1868 in Higashino in the city of Konan. The fourth male child of the fourth generation of the Taki family, he found great success as a businessman around the turn of the century. In 1926, he established a school in Higashino, thinking that the best way to repay his hometown was to help raise future generations of active children.

The initial lessons were given these names:

When founding Taki Acadamy, Taki Nobushiro— used the following values, which he always used to guide his own actions, to name the initial courses.

These terms can be explained as follows:

Shitsujitsu-gouken A person must possess a highly developed sense of morality, a strong but open mind, and a healthy body in order to lead a fruitful and meaningful life.
Kinben-rikko A person must be a man of action and must strive to realize high ideals, have a strong will, and possess a single-minded drive to work hard.
Hoon-kannsha A person must value the bonds between people, be sensitive, and work for the welfare of others. The development of society promotes the happiness of the individual, and the personal improvement of the individual contributes to the development of society.