In order to bring up children who live according to our founder's beliefs, we accepted those beliefs as the educational philosophy of Taki Academy and used them to set the following educational goals.

Educational Goals

Our goal is to create an educational environment in which each student can find happiness, satisfaction and pride and to encourage the development of well-balanced students who strive for academic excellence.

  1. We encourage our students to develop a balance of knowledge, physical fitness, and culture.
  2. We encourage our students to discover their own personal identity, to seek out universities that will help them realize their dreams, and to acquire the academic knowledge they will need to succeed there.
  3. We encourage our students to develop a sense of social responsibility and consideration for those around them, and to cultivate a network of contacts that will later help them advance in their careers.

Educational Depth

As changes are made in general and specific university entrance examinations following the evolution of new fields of study, we aim to establish and deepen the academic abilities necessary for succeeding on these exams through our six year program.

Our comprehensive six year program consists of thirty-three hours of fifty minute classes per (five day) week, along with special lessons, Saturday Courses (academic courses), and Tuesday study groups (supplementary lessons for remedial students).

Educational Breadth

University entrance exams have changed drastically in recent years. Rather than looking simply for a depth of academic knowledge, universities are now leaning towards students with a wide range of experience. Instead of merely focusing on the tangible points of admission examinations, we are trying to leave the lasting impression of being an 'interesting' school in the students' minds, in impression which remains even after they have graduated. Through contact with Academy alumni and other highly successful people in a variety of fields, we hope to expand the students' range of interests and provide them with the opportunity to explore future academic and occupational possibilities.

Course guidance lectures, Saturday Courses (cultural courses), Saturday Course Commemorative Seminars

Educational Support

At this school, we use the term 'lifestyle guidance' rather than 'student guidance.' This is because we consider the guidance of our students to be an educational activity designed to support their lives at the academy. Our goal is not to tell each student what to do, but rather to encourage them to develop their own character.

Six year homeroom system, school counseling, "Taki Etiquette," club activities, the Nagatsuki Festival (a student organized event)